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Visit our shop today and take a look at our clothing collection.

Every purchase supports the Tim Kiver Foundation and enables us to deliver the practical help that is so desperately needed by adults and children in the UK who have undaignosed ADHD symptoms or have been diagnosed and need support with their various treatment options.

We have teamed up with TeeMill.com to bring you our new clothing collection. It was really important to us not to be adding to the tons and tons of clothing tipped in to landfills all over the UK. TeeMill have a great business model that promotes sustainability. Here’s an overview of their ethos:

Every year 100 billion new items of clothing are produced while a truck full of clothing is burned, or buried in a landfill every second. Slowing fast fashion down is a good first step, but slowing it down won’t stop it. Yet when we take the waste material at the end, and make new products from it at the start, it changes everything. That’s what we’ve done.

Our products and packaging are made from natural materials, not plastic. And every product we make is designed to be sent back to us when it is worn out.

We make new products from the material we recover, and the cycle itself is renewable. Our products are designed be returned and remade, new from old, again and again and again.

A pure material makes remanufacturing possible, and means products that are softer, and not harmful to the environment.