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Tim Kiver

For me, the last five years have been transformational.

I’m Tim Kiver, the founder of the Tim Kiver Foundation. I live with my family in Hampshire and was diagnosed with ADHD Combined presentation in July 2020 at the age of 53.

Like many others, my ADHD journey has been long and frustrating and sadly it is very clear that NHS provision is sadly lacking. Even more concerning is the fact that the other ADHD charities have been saying this for years.

You can read my story in detail at GoFundMe, where I was very lucky to have caring friends both old and new, who were instrumental in enabling me to bypass the NHS waiting list and instead obtain a private ADHD Assessment.

Having had issues all my life, assumed that it was just my character, been judged quite brutally and misunderstood in recent work settings and had my self confidence stripped away, I just thought:

“I can’t bear to think of other people having to go through life as I have had to and I NEED to help adults and young people in ANY way that I can”

As we all know, everybody must start somewhere. But from small acorns, oak trees grow.

There is so much to be done but with the drive that ADHD gives when passionate about something and the support of all the people that have got me this far, I can and will make a positive difference in my own special but sometimes lopsided way.

After all, who on earth would start a new charity in the Age of Covid, when money is tight and medical focus is rightly centred around defeating Corona Virus . . . Someone with ADHD, naturally!!

Thank you in advance for supporting ADHD adults and children in the UK through the Tim Kiver Foundation. You are truly helping me to change peoples lives for the better.

 – Tim Kiver, Founder   #ADHDMattersToMe