Our ADHD Support Groups

We are Experts by Experience and our ADHD Support Group sessions are a safe place for anyone interested in ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) in ANY way to share experiences and learn more about:

  • What ADHD is
  • How ADHD affects peoples every day life
  • Ways to manage ADHD symptoms
  • How to seek medical help for ADHD
  • The Facts and Fiction that surround ADHD
  • What the various UK ADHD third sector (charitable organisations) are doing to spread awareness that will improve the lives of those who are affected by ADHD

These sessions are FREE OF CHARGE and a chance to talk to us and other participants about the many aspects of ADHD.

When and Where?

We currently run THREE support groups between 19:30 (7.30PM) and 21:00 (9PM):

  • Online Support Group (Microsoft Teams) – 2nd Tuesday of the month
  • Southampton Support Group (Face to Face, ASDA – Marlands) – 3rd Tuesday of the month
  • Portsmouth Support Group (Face to Face*) – 4th Tuesday of the month

* ASDA Portsmouth can no longer host our support group, so these groups will be online until we secure a new venue . . . . we are currently working on this.

Who will benefit?

  • Anyone who suspects that they might have ADHD and want to find out more about what ADHD is
  • Anyone who is looking for advice and help about getting assessed and diagnosed for ADHD
  • Those who know someone who might have or has ADHD and want to learn more about how to support them
  • Parents looking to better understand and support children who may have or have ADHD
  • Anyone who has been diagnosed with ADHD but require support and want to be able to talk about their journeys with others who have ADHD; in a supportive setting where they can be sure to be accepted, understood and encouraged

How can I attend one of the support groups?

It is best to reserve your place by registering free of charge at our Eventbrite page since places are limited Рbut please let us know if you cannot attend so that someone else has the opportunity to attend

You can also find our support groups by visiting the Tim Kiver Foundation – Facebook Page Events section

What are the support groups like?

Our support groups are intentionally informal and all three group are friendly and welcoming. You can just listen to other participants or share your own thoughts and experiences, whichever is most comfortable for you. We all have different perspectives on ADHD and the conversations normally cover many aspects of ADHD. Participants normally ask questions and most of the time those questions can be answered. If they can’t, we will find the answers for you outside of the meeting.

You can take a look at our Support Group Etiquette PDF document here.

We feel that the key to providing a more inclusive and supportive setting for anyone who has ADHD is CAUSE (Compassion, Acceptance, Understanding, Support and Encouragement) – lets move forward together and be the CAUSE of change for the better.

See you there