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In 2019, a report was published which demonstrated that ADHD service provision for adults in England for the year 2017 – 18 was and still is inadequate. The report also gave an indication of the waiting times for an adult to be assessed (From the date they are refered to the NHS Foundation Waiting List until the date of their ADHD Assessment), here’s a quote from the report

the longest average waiting time from referral to
assessment was 201.5 weeks [3 Years 11 Months], with the shortest
reported being 4 weeks

As a result and if our Beneficiarys’ GP / Clinical Commissioning Group won’t refer to a private clinic through the NHS under the ‘Right To Choose’ guidelines, the only alternative is to pay privately for ADHD Assessment and post diagnosis treatments such as medication.

In that situation, a private specialist will assess the individual for ADHD and if diagnosed, they will recommend medication as the first, but not the only, treatment. It is the responsibility of the private specialist to make sure that the patient has the right medication for them and at the right dosage. This process is called Titration.

During Titration, the patient will normally have three private prescriptions and have to pay for their medication at the private cost not at the NHS cost.

What can the cost for private ADHD medication be? Well, that depends on the type of medication but for a 28 Day supply of tablets, the cost is typically around £90 per prescription and the patient will have three of these.

If the patients’ GP hasn’t or won’t agree to a ‘Shared Care Agreement’ with the private specialist, the patient will continue to pay the private cost for their monthly medication indefinitely.

You can imagine the potential financial hardship that our Beneficiaries could experience and the stress / anxiety that it can cause. Stress and anxiety make ADHD symptoms much worse whether an individual is diagnosed or not.

With your help we can take the stress and anxiety of private medication costs away from our Beneficiaries

Your donation will change one of our Beneficiary’s life for the better – Medication is highly effective and makes a massive difference every day