Life Coaching and ADHD

What is Coaching about?

Coaching is a conversation about “who”, “what”, and “how” questions

For example:
  • Who do you aspire to be?
  • What are you ready to do to experience or achieve [your target]?
  • How can you immediately improve [your wellbeing or your aims] ?
Coaching is NOT about why questions such as Why do I [your behaviours]? Why can’t I [your aims or your relationships] ?
The why questions fall in to the domain of Therapists.

What are some benefits of being coached?

  • Increased self-understanding and awareness
  • Greater appreciation and application of personal strengths
  • Better recognition of choices and opportunities
  • Solution-focused mindset
  • Greater flexibility and adaptability to change
  • Increased confidence built upon accomplishments
  • Overall improvement in well-being and happiness
Diagnosed with ADHD or not, working with a coach that you feel comfortable with, and who specialises in ADHD, can improve your outcomes and sense of well being.
I have been training to be a life coach specialising in ADHD and as I wrap up my training, I must log 50 Hours of coaching before I become a qualified coach.
During this time, I will be offering coaching sessions at a reduced rate of:
  • £15 – 30 minutes
  • £30 – 60 minutes
  • £100 – Block of 240 minutes (4 hours) for a saving of £5 per hour
If you or someone you know would like to find out more or book a 30 min free Introductory appointment, I can be contacted at – please include name and a contact number or email address in your message.