The ADHD Iceberg and signs of ADHD

So what are the signs of ADHD?

Well . . . it’s not surprising that generally, public awareness of what ADHD looks like and how it affects people is not very good. That’s nobody’s fault and in actual fact, with 1 in 20 children and 1 in 30 adults in the UK thought to have ADHD symptoms, most don’t even know that they have ADHD until it’s pointed out to them!

This Instagram image from @FINUCCINIALFREDO really shows the gulf between what the public think they know about the signs of ADHD and what the signs of ADHD actually are.

One thing to bear in mind here, you can’t stereotype someone with ADHD. “You’ve met one person with ADHD, you’ve met ONE person with ADHD!”

Each and every person (adult or child) with ADHD symptoms show different signs, at different times in their lives, with varying severity ranging from barely noticeable to life limiting with danger to life.

How many signs do you know about?

Who do you know that has some of these signs?

ADHD Iceberg - Fact Check

4 simple letters but a complex condition