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Why Help Us – An ADHD Life

Thank you for your interest in the Tim Kiver Foundation.

Living with ADHD without knowing it is very common indeed and effects a person in many ways, mostly negative.

Everyone’s experiences vary but there is a common emotional cost. Imagine that from a young age, for me 6, you miss what teachers are saying because you’re daydreaming. You get asked a question and try to answer but you’re not even sure what the question was. Every day, every month, every year of your educational career. You watch others and think to yourself, “they get it why don’t I?”. You feel helpless and frustrated and berate yourself. Phrases like, “what’s the matter with me?”, “I’m not good enough?”, I always mess up?” and “You idiot, what were you thinking?”

You feel humiliated, upset and have no idea what on earth is going on. You know that people around you have passed judgement and formed an opinion which you won’t be able to change. You either become angry because of the frustration that you feel inside or retreat into yourself looking for a safe place.

And remember, this happens to you day after day, month after month, year after year. It’s a self fulfilling prophecy, you form a negative impression of yourself, you become anxious and depressed and guess what? . . . that makes how you are (your symptoms) much worse. Nobody understands, nobody cares, nobody has any interest in looking into what’s behind your difficulties and how you are as a fragile person who is working overtime (mentally) just to do what everyone else does so easily, just to survive the day. That’s your thought process from the second you wake up until the relief that sleep brings at the end of the day. The safe place where, for just a few hours, you can be at peace.

This happens as a child, as a teenager and as a young man or woman going into the world of work. It carries on through your life wrecking your career aspirations and your relationships. Day by day, you feel more and more vulnerable, more and more hopeless and useless until one day you just fall apart!

This can be the reality for men and women that you know, if the teacher, the parents, the doctors, your work colleagues, your boss, your partner don’t know about ADHD, don’t spot the signs and don’t offer any encouragement or support.

This is why all of the UK ADHD Charities, Foundations, Support Groups and Organisations work tirelessly every day to try to bring an end to the suffering of individuals effected by ADHD and we need your help, the Tim Kiver Foundation needs your help.

Your donations, fundraising, events, activities and even offering your support volunteering absolutely has the power to change lives . . . positively, for the better, TODAY . . . and gives those that we help; understanding, immense relief, emotional healing and most important of all, hope for the future.

I remember that moment where at 50 years old, I began the journey to understand myself, to realise that the way I was all my life wasn’t because I was stupid, lazy, disinterested, incompetent, thoughtless  . . . there was actually a medical reason and that reason is ADHD.

If you could be there when that person, younger preferably or older like me, has that life changing moment of realisation, you would actually tangibly see the relief and the weight of burden leave. That moment is the first new day of the rest of their life and  YOU in some small or larger way, could have the satisfaction of saying to yourself – “I cared, I took the time to understand, I saw the human being within and I helped to create that one fleeting ethereal life changing moment  . . . . ”

In advance, I personally thank you for your time to read this and thank you for your donations, fundraising and support on behalf of all the Tim Kiver Foundation beneficiaries who will benefit. Those who are undiagnosed with ADHD symptoms and those who are lucky enough to have had interventions that led to being diagnosed and continue to receive treatment to heal their emotional scars and move forward.

I wish you all well

Tim Kiver – Founder, the Tim Kiver Foundation