Birth of a Charity

Birth of an ADHD Charity

Introducing the Tim Kiver Foundation and how we began.

I’m Tim Kiver, the founder of the Tim Kiver Foundation. I’m 53 years old and live with my family in Hampshire.

In 2017 I began to have difficulties at home and work which caused me concern and led me to seek medical help.

After lots of tests and consultations, I found out that my problem was having attentional difficulties and the realisation that I could have ADHD.

All the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle came together and described my whole life.

Fast forward to June 2020 and after waiting 14 months for an NHS ADHD Assessment, I had no choice but to get a private ADHD Assessment.

I then found out how expensive it would be and created a GoFundMe campaign to fund it.

At this point and after all my experiences so far, I just thought:

“I can’t bear to think of other people having to go through life as I have had to and I NEED to help adults and young people in ANY way that I can”

As we all know, everybody must start somewhere. But from small acorns, oak trees grow.

There is so much to be done but with the passion, the drive that ADHD gives you when you are passionate about something and the support of all the people that have got me this far, we will get there.